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Quaife Gear Kits
For Elan, S7, Cortina 4-Speed

Straight cut gears, needle bearing main shaft gears. Complete kit includes all parts required to fit or convert existing Ford transmissions. Available in two ratio choices and two engagement styles.

Complete BoxQuaife Gears

Ratio Synchro Dog
Close Ratio
028-F-8700/01 028-F-8800/01
Ultra Close
026-F-8700/01 026-F-8800/01
Kit Only
Complete Assembly
###-F-8701 ---- $1150
###-F-8700 ---- $1980
###-F-8801 ---- $1650
###-F-8800 ---- $2400

Hawk Brake Pads

Lighting Specials

Cibie Driving Light Blowout!
Just aquired a small inventory of Cibie driving lights, most of which are no longer available. Some models have even become classics by now! Quantities are limited.

Model 35 Model 35 Compact Driving Lights. These interchange 100% with Marchal's 750 and either lens/reflector will work in either housing. OE on Jeep Cherokee, Ford Mustang, etc. (We also stock the Marchal 750s.)
Our P/N Cibie P/N Description Price
110-MA-0139 35-08-02B Clear Driving Lamp, Black Housing $64.90
100-MA-0139 35-08-02 Clear Driving Lamp, Chrome Housing $64.90
110-MA-1135 46-08-07B Len/Reflector, Clear Fog, Black $41.70
110-MA-1139 35-16-07B Lens/Reflector, Clear Driving, Black $41.70
100-MA-1139 35-08-07 Lens/Reflector, Clear Driving, Chrome $41.70

951 Black Rectangular Driving Lamp Rugged black ABS housing. This presents a good medium-sized lamp in minimal housing for easy fitting.
Our P/N Cibie P/N Description Price
110-MA-0099 95-08-021 Clear Driving Lamp $35.00
951 Driving Lamp

Oscar lamp
P/N Description Price
100-MA-1182 180 Oscar Pencil Lens/Reflector $44.00

RHD (English E-Code) Head Lights

Imported for use in 24 hour sedan races. Fitting RHD H-4 head lights to left side bucket makes a good L&R cornering system, especially if you wire up to use both high and low circuits together. Or, our UK and Pacific Rim customers may be interested for road use.
Description Price
Marchal 7" Round H-4 $45.00
Marchal 200mm Rectangular H-4 $45.00
Cibie 4" x 6" Rectangular H-4 High/Low $35.00

We also stock a full selection of halogen and tungsten bulbs, N.O.S. Marchal halogens and lighting accessories. We still have stocks of Marchal 750s, 900s, 950s, and quad head lights. Ask for our full lighting tech manual and Marchal catalog $1.00


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