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1993 USA Turbo Esprit Revolution Wheels

As new take-offs (they have had tires mounted and removed).

Front Rim Flat Front Wheel Up
Rear Wheel Flat Rear Rim Up

Set of two front and two rear rims..................................$1300.00
Singly: Front (7"x15") Rims ................$325.00 each List $670.00
Rear (8.5"x16") Rims .................... $399.00 each. List $852.00
Make sure to mention website special to get this special deal.

Elan Racing Roll-Over Bar

Now available - a bolt together tube frame roll-over bar for the Elan. The mounting points are the standard body to chassis mounting locations. Side tubes slide into the sill via the rear wheel openings. Weight is 35 lbs. including side boards. Hardware included.

026A 0510 .........................$689.00

Archeological Find of the Year

NOS Rear Tail Light Lenses for Federal S4 Elan, Europa and Plus 2.

All red, not red/amber.

054M 6095
S4 Elan Left Hand
Europa/Plus 2 Right Hand

054M 6096
S4 Elan Right Hand
Europa/Plus 2 Right Hand

Discovered in a damp, musty cellar somewhere in the UK, these are the only known stock in the world. If you need one, or think you might in the future (you know those parking lot incidents), now is the time to act.

Not cheap, and quantities are most definitely limited:..........$125.00/each

Special, if you buy one of each (P/N 054M 6095/6):..........$200.00/pair

Massive Cosworth Blowout deals:

NPR Ring Sets (per cylinder)
Qty (on hand)...... Description .......Cost per cylinder.
Description denotes Bore, 1st ring thickness, 2nd ring thickness, oil ring thickness. All sizes in millimeters.
15........ 64x.8x.8x1.5 (XA Sets)........$8.00/cyl set
24........ 73x1.0x1.2x2.8(XC sets)..... $9.00/cyl set
24........ 78x1.0x1.2x2.8(XC sets)..... $9.00/cyl set
20........ 80x1.0x1.2x2.8(XC sets) .....$9.00/cyl set

Formula Ford Crankshafts Are Back!!!

New, improved, legal crankshafts have arrived! These have nothing to do with the Chinese Fire Drill presently going on between SCAT and SCCA Enterprises.
These particular cranks are cast in Europe in an original Ford tool and finish machined on robotic machines by a company who supplies Mercedes Benz! Machining tolerances will be such that the blueprinting of journal diameter, stroke and indexing will not be required
Journal Radii will be at the maximum tolerance level (Ford made cranks were always under the minimum tolerances). Balance will be to production tolerance.
Shot peening, tufftriding and cryo treatment are not included and would be unnecessary anyway. See Metallurgy 101 for full details below.

Part# 470E 0333 ................$750.00 ea

Bulk wholesale orders and engine builder pricing is available. Please call (209) 754-5802, fax (209) 754-5177 or e-mail for details.

Mechanical Properties Standard 711 crank
Tensile Strength 130.000 PSI 80.000 PSI (Est)
Yield Strength 94.000 PSI
Elongation 5-12% 2-3%
Surface hardness 38 HRC 35 HRC

Chemical Properties
Element Percentage
Carbon (C) 3.71%
Silicon (Si) 2.24%
Copper (Cu) .81%
Nickel (Ni) .73%
Magnesium (Mg) .041%
Phosphorous (P) .029%
Chromium (CR) .026%
Manganese (Mn) .023%
Cobalt (Co) .019%
Vanadium (V) .011%
Niobium (Nb) .009%
Sulfur (S) .006%
Titanium (Ti) .005%
Tungsten (W) .005%
Molybdenum (Mo) .001%
Iron (Fe) Remainder

Metallurgy 101

"Is it cast iron or steel?"
No simple answer. Cast iron is ferrite with lots of carbon which is not alloyed or not in solution with the ferrite. Steel is iron with a lower content of carbon, but it's all in solution. This is what gives steel its beneficial mechanical properties (i.e. good tensile strength, hardness, ductility and fatigue strength). The carbon in typical cast iron is arrayed as flakes of graphite, which interrupts the grain structure of the iron resulting in the familiar brittleness and lack of ductility. Steel is made from iron by blowing, literally, the excessive free carbon, silicon, and other impurities out of the iron in the Bessemer Converter. The resulting molten steel is pored into ingots and subsequently "wrought" or worked, into plate, sheet, bars, etc.

Relatively little "cast" steel is produced anymore. The reason is, new cast iron technology has created irons with near steel like qualities. If, say, you can get some of the carbon into solution with the iron and break up the flakes of the balance and re-arrange them into nodules that no longer interfere with the grain structure, you are increasing the strength and ductility of iron. This "Nodular Iron" was introduced as a crankshaft material in the early 60s, and in fact the 711 crank was a very early form of it. Forty years have seen steady improvement in alloying and perfecting nodular or ductile iron until its performance closely replicates high carbon steel.

So is it cast iron or steel? With properties like these does it make a difference? Nominally, it has to be called nodular iron because it still has some free carbon and some silicon that has not been oxidized out. But with the level of carbon in solution and other alloying agents, it has mechanical properties close to those of a good aircraft bolt. Check the amount of nickel, chrome, and vanadium, etc. These are alloying agents in levels close to those of modern fatigue-resistant alloy steels. They've simply managed to beat the Bessemer Boys out of some business.

For a more complete treatise on iron/steels and metallurgy in general, see Carroll Smith's "Engineer to Win," Part #000X 3747: $18.90.

Other Formula Ford Items on Special

478E 6085 ...... Legal Aluminum Cylinder Heads. Special offer through September 2002 only....... $650.00 each
470E 0708-U ......Good Used 711M Blocks......$450.00 each
450E 0340-U ...... Good Used Connecting Rod Cores Magnafluxed...........$25.00 each
570Q 8001 ...... Good Used Flywheels......$80.00 each
472E 0091 ...... ,Reconditioned Formula Ford short block assembly, comes with Dry Sump Pan..........$1700.00.

Service Labor Times Manuals

These are now available due to a buy-out. They will give you time estimates for every job on the car. This is a web-site special, available for $25.00 each. These Manuals are not in our system, please mention that you saw them on the web site and call them "non-inventory" or "non-stock."

A082T 0328 Service Labor Times, Esprit
D082T 0328 Service Labor Times, Esprit 1988-1989
B089T 0328 Service Labor Times, Excel
A100T 0328 Service Labor Times, Elan 1990 -

We also have available a wide selection of all of the Parts Manuals and Workshop Manuals for the Lotus cars. Give us a call and find out the cost for Manuals for your Lotus.


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